Hi there! Welcome!

First off, thank you for visiting my corner of the internet!

I have to be honest, these about me pages can become way too plain. Who’s up for an about me interview?

Yes? Let’s get to it!

What’s my name?

You guessed it. Lauren!

Where did I graduate college?

Florida Gulf Coast University! Go Eagles! Want to know a fun fact about my college?! We don’t have a football team. Yes, I heard you gasp all the way from here. But I survived and live to tell about it.


Communication Studies. So anything with words is my jam.

Where do you live?

Upstate South Carolina!

Why do you specialize in lifestyle and beauty brands?

Want to know a secret? “Cookie cutter” isn’t my thing. I found that while creating content for corporate businesses I was slowly venturing away from my personality. Sending over content that sounds more like Ross Geller talking about being a paleontologist can do wear and tear on your creativity. From there, I jumped away from business suits and leaped towards helping lifestyle and beauty brands rope in their ideal consumers.

How can I reach out to collaborate with you?

If you’re a beauty or lifestyle brand head over to Let’s Collaborate! Fill out the form and let me know what you’re all about. Let’s work some magic!

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