Hi, I’m Lauren!


View More: http://dgiovinazzophoto.pass.us/connellyfamilyHi there! That’s me. You can call me Lauren.

Anything with words is my jam. I love writing content that will pull your audience in and fall more in love with your brand. I know that building a brand is no walk in the park. I’ve also learned that outsourcing is the key to success! Thanks to Jenna Kutcher.  I’m here to be your saving grace while you continue running your business and editing those gorgeous photos or producing new products.

I have to be honest, these about me pages can become way too plain. Who’s up for an about me interview?

Yes? Let’s get to it!

What’s my name?

You guessed it. Lauren!

Where did I graduate college?

Florida Gulf Coast University! Go Eagles! Want to know a fun fact about my college?! We don’t have a football team. Yes, I heard you gasp all the way from here. But I survived and live to tell about it.


Communication Studies. So anything with words is my jam.

Where do you live?

Upstate South Carolina!

What’s the story behind WriterLaurenConnelly.com?

I’m glad you asked!

When I began marketing myself as a content writer. I found that brands weren’t interested in outsourcing. Their main reason was that they were adding “content writer” to another employees job description. Brands weren’t aware how important their website content was. Not only was producing content beneficial for the company, but also marketing that content.

Blog posts that aren’t being advertised are a waste of time. And time equals money, right?

On the flip side, I wanted to help content writers feel confident in their choice of profession. While proving myself to brands that I loved, I started writing posts about lessons I wish I would’ve known when starting my own business and when to say “no” if a business asks you to write content you don’t feel comfortable writing about. If you aren’t sure where to start with your own website content, I am confident that hiring a content writer is a step in the right direction. Your business is worth more than letting website content sit on a “blog” tab that isn’t regularly updated.

How can I reach out to collaborate with you?

If you’re a photographer or lifestyle brand head over to Let’s Collaborate! Fill out the form and let me know what you’re all about. Let’s work some magic!