3 Reasons Why Your Company Website Should Have a Blog

Want to know a secret?

People care what other people think. Businesses care what other businesses think of them. Leaders care what other leaders think.

In our world, people want to know how products and services are being used. People want to know what goes on behind your office’s fancy door. Whether you are searching for potential employees or clients, people want to know why they should contribute to your company status.

Show your true colors by adding a blog to your company website. 77% of people follow blogs! Creating a blog for your company website is a quick way to build a longer client list!

How? Keep reading!

1. Blogs Attract Clients

When looking for a product/service, the first step is to visit a company website.

A company website shows:

  • how they do business
  • why they are successful
  • what products/services they offer

Reading a product description isn’t enough to sell a client. Companies that have “web design” listed as a service are battling with hundreds of other companies that offer the same service. Companies that have a blog discussing why their web design process stands apart from the same service thousands of other companies provide, have already answered why a client should pick you.

Potential clients want to know how the products/services are being used to help current clients.  Was it easy to use? Did it impact their sales? Where did they improve? Why was the product/service a necessity? A company who is promoting a service (web design, financial planning, non-profit, etc.) should have content describing why the service is an advantage to their client.

2. Blogs Attract Potential Employees

86% of job seekers are scoping the internet for job boards. Once they see a potential opportunity, they head over to the company website. On the company website, most job seekers will look at the services, goals/awards, and what the company offers to employees. Attracting the right employees will do so by showing what current employees do on a daily basis. If an administrative assistant position is open, reading a blog post of “A day in the life as an Administrative Assistant at company name” will prompt the right candidate to apply.

3. Blogs Document GROWTH

Corporate blogs make up 15% of the all the blogs out there. The worst thing a company can do is…. not take advantage of free advertising. Blogging is free advertising on your website! Writing a 400-word summary on the newest updates for the month could bring in new clients as well as educate current clients on the growth of the company. Companies who create weekly content show they are conforming ideas into action. And what human being wants to miss out on innovation?

Blogging is a simple addition that requires a maximum of 1 hour per week! If you could dedicate 1 hour per week and double your client list, would you?

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