6 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

For starters, what is the main goal of a copywriter? The main goal is to produce content and use algorithms correctly, which will lead to having your website show up on the first page of a search engine. Because who goes to the second page on Google. No one.

Your business is your baby. Your creation. Built from your own blood, sweat, and tears. Molded with your bare hands that are now scarred from the times you held on when everyone thought you were going to let go.

Every position at a company is filled with the most competent and committed candidate. Every position is a necessity to the company. Salary isn’t free money which is why companies skip on hiring copywriters and add the task to their secretary’s job duties.

I hate to tell you, but secretaries aren’t cut out for being a copywriter as well as complete their own tasks. And vice versa. A copywriter isn’t hired to fill the tasks of a secretary. Writing content isn’t an added task. It is a task in itself.

Companies who don’t invest in hiring a copywriter have websites sitting on the last page of a search engine search.

1. Copywriters know algorithms like the back of their hand.

The internet isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s growing at a rapid speed. Knowing the algorithm is the golden ticket to climbing up the ranks on Google, Instagram, and all other social media networks. Keywords, timing, wording, hashtags, and featured images are just a few keys to a successful website. Copywriters study each of these to know how they can best help their clients reach success by revamping a website and/or social network.

2. Advertising on the web is not comparable to Newspaper Ads

Attention: Let us build your website for the low price of $199! Isn’t going to cut it. Out of the bazillion websites created, it takes a lot to randomly end up on a company’s website. Using the same wording for a newspaper ad will turn away clients quicker than pouring yourself a second cup of coffee! Wording is the key to creating content that stands apart from competing companies. Copywriters produce content that makes clients intentionally find your site and stay on your site for those who discover it on a whim.

3. Consider hiring a REMOTE copywriter

I can’t believe I am saying this but, don’t waste office space. Companies who hire remote employees save an average of $10,000 per year on real estate. Adding an employee to your office space means adding furniture, office supplies, and devices like computers or a company phone. Those costs add up real quick. There are certain jobs companies should hire as remote positions. In fact, #4 on the list of top remote jobs is copywriter/freelance writer.

Copywriters have a checklist they complete before putting words on paper. Copywriters research your company, competitors, services, clients, and goals for the future. These are all tasks that can be done remotely! Don’t get me wrong, I value my profession but I also understand that money doesn’t come from trees.

4. Copywriters work independently

Have you ever hired an employee who spent most of their day emailing questions on how to complete a task? Did they step in your office constantly asking questions about tasks that were supposed to be complete weeks prior? Luckily, copywriters are independent workers who can create hundreds of words without annoying their boss by asking how to complete a task. Along with why copywriters should be remote positions, most of their work is researching which is done by using quality resources rather than overusing the “create a new email” button.

5. Not all copywriters are the same

Every company uses copywriters to write content for their company. But just like companies focus on different services, so do copywriters. Copywriters can specialize in businesses from lifestyle and beauty brands to large banking corporations. Every company needs a website, which is why copywriting is a growing profession.

6. It’s not an added task for a secretary

Secretaries have certain tasks to complete and so do copywriters. A copywriter is not a secretary either. Adding “copywriter” as a task for another employee isn’t going to lead to finding your company at the top of the search on any search engine. There is a lot that goes into creating eye-catching content, SEO keywords, and tags that will help potential clients learn about your services. Time is money, right? Outsourcing a copywriter will help current employees dedicate their attention to completing in-office tasks, and leaving remote tasks to the copywriter.


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