3 Reasons Why Brands Should Allow Influencer Instagram Takeovers

Handing over your sacred brand to an influencer is not easy, even if it’s just one post. In fact, it’s almost like giving the key to your business secrets.

But with every risk, there is a great amount of success.

Lifestyle brands have found natural is the best way to go. Instagram feeds that are filled with models in perfect shape, stunning clothing, and unrealistic complexions start to turn sales away. Why? Because followers can’t relate because they don’t look like that in everyday life.  Unfortunately, not all of us look like Gigi Hadid.

Even though followers are more likely to “like” those posts, they are less likely to buy the products.

Selling products is what grows revenue, not the number of “likes”.

Consider letting influencers takeover your feed and here’s why:

1. A mixture of models and everyday life is the perfect combination.

Lifestyle and beauty brands need to see the benefit in allowing followers to see the lifestyle you are promoting.

Clothing brands who target real people living out their brand see sales skyrocket.

For example, Aerie. Aerie ditched photoshop to enhance the lifestyle behind the brand. Aerie focused on a woman’s imperfections, such as stretch marks, cellulite, extra skin, and stomachs that don’t have a six-pack. Wouldn’t you think that would turn people away to see their imperfections first hand? Heck no! It did the opposite!

The brand soared 32% in sales by keeping styled images but adding authenticity. That’s huge! And brave to step away from a technique every brand has been practicing for years. I’m talking to you, Photoshop.

2. Exemplify the Lifestyle You’re Selling

Imagine yourself walking into Home Depot and finding Kris Jenner. She is walking through the aisles with the signature orange apron wearing tight skinny jeans and pumps. Next to her is a man wearing the same orange apron, but he is wearing jeans, sneakers, and a hat. Who would you run to if you couldn’t reach the paint can?

That’s the analogy every brand needs to think of before creating content. Is there a way Kris Jenner could draw a larger audience? Of course! She could dress the part and pull her fanbase into the store. But ultimately, most people are going to run to the person who dresses the part for help. Brands need to use influencers that are going to exemplify your brand on the streets, rather than just in the store.

3.  Create Brand Loyalty

Celebrities jump from brand to brand. One minute they’re promoting the newest bag and then another brand picks them up for another handbag collaboration. This makes it difficult for celebrities to genuinely connect with the target audience.  Using influencers to promote products creates a sense of normalcy and gives the target audience what an authentic consumer looks like. Influencers drive sales for brands that fit into their lifestyle because they’re loyal.

Next time you look at a beauty or lifestyle brand’s Instagram feed, evaluate how they’re promoting or turning away customers. In fact, they could be one influencer post away from record-breaking sales.

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