5 Sins of Companies Who Write Their Own Content

Y’all this is bad. Like palazzo pants in 2000’s bad.

Jumping on a company’s website to see they clearly haven’t outsourced a content writer is a red-faced, sweaty palm, kind-of embarrassment.

Now, I understand company budgets are tight, but if you aren’t outsourcing a content writer for your website then you’re are probably committing these 5 sins and paying your secretary to update the content on your website.

1. Too.Much.Wording.

Concise is the name of the game. Busy is everyone’s middle name. In a world where people don’t even have time to take a lunch break, creating 700-word posts is simply wasting time and energy. Filling up a post with too much wording is a rookie mistake. Companies who don’t outsource content writers have lengthy content covering most of their site and visitors don’t stay long on their site.

2. Perspective

Not everyone can read a technical support guide and understand it. In fact, there is a good chance that you’ve never read a Terms of Agreement on any website. Guilty? Company’s who write their own content are not giving readers an accurate perspective. Instead, they are shrinking their audience by speaking in a foreign language. Content writers provide information that is necessary to enlarge an audience and pull in clients who might’ve brushed past the post.

3. Lack of Keywords

Keywords make the world go round. The placing of keywords is the main way to get viewers to your page. The format of a post should include a variety of keywords that represent both the post and the services the company offers.

4. Visuals

Have you ever read a “How-to” guide without photos? Or have you built a piece of furniture from Ikea and had to rely on the confusing photos to build an entire shelving unit? Either way, the plain wording doesn’t cut it. Instead, there needs to be spacing in between the wording, photos in between concepts, and smart ways to keep the reader scrolling. Formatting a post shows how a company wants the content read. What person didn’t like picture books as a kid? Same concept with website content.

5. Sharing

Here’s something to think about. What if you had to search for one special penny in the Trevi Fountain? (sweaty palms emoji inserted here) That is like hoping someone will visit your site without using social media.

Clicking “Publish” is just the beginning. Content needs to be spread on every social media platform your business has. Use hashtags to remind followers to expect content on a certain day of the week, share content on social media networks that have similar services, be a part of Facebook groups with certain visions, etc. Writing the content is half the battle, sharing is what pulls people to your site.

So how many of these sins are you guilty of? I bet you thought about passing this task onto your secretary was the right idea, but content writers aren’t another “fast money” job. Writers are qualified to bring potential clients to your site by formatting content, using the right wording, targeting specific audiences, creating infographics, and sharing on the right social media platforms.

Go look at your website as a visitor, do you think someone would rather wear palazzo pants than read the lengthy content covering your website?

























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