4 Tips to Collaborating as an Influencer

Every collaboration you see on Instagram isn’t a quick call, post a photo, and call it a day.

It’s anywhere between a month to a year pitching ideas to brands, waiting months until they respond, and then spending months talking about what the collaboration entails.

It’s easy to think these collaborations come out of thin air, but it is usually a lengthy process to prove you are the right fit to the brand’s identity. So whether you are a brand or influencer, these tips are sure to make collaborating a process that’s smooth sailing.

  1. Start pitching!

You have to start somewhere! Influencers or Bloggers could reach out to 50 brands before getting a reply. The influencer industry is brand-spanking new, so many brands are picky about who they work with. The best tip for pitching is to have an idea of how you’re going to use the product in everyday life and sell them on it. Brands create products that have longevity rather than a one-time use sticker. Talk about a product that has impacted your life and how you believe it is sure to impact your friends/ followers lives.

2. Media Kit, Media Kit, and Media Kit.

Writing an email that says, “Hi! My name is Lauren and I love “blank brand”. I want to promote your products on my Instagram page. What can you provide?”, is sure to get you nowhere. All the brand knows is that your name is Lauren and all you want are free products. Instead, think of the pitch like applying for a job.  First, you write a cover letter giving the company a little insight on your background, experience, and unique qualities that will help you succeed at the job you’re applying for. Your media kit is like a resume. It gives a brand the 411 on yourself; statistics, previous collaborations, demographics of your readers, etc. If you don’t have a media kit, there are so many websites that can help you create one. Canva is definitely the most popular.

3. Look at other Influencers who are collaborating with the same brand.

Think about your brand as a bachelorette party. The bride asks all the bridesmaids to wear black because she is going to wear white. Each bridesmaid dresses in black except for one who chooses to wear dark gray. It’s obvious that as each is standing next to each other, one girl is sticking out like a sore thumb. Brands choose their theme and stick with it. Tip: A brand isn’t going to pick someone who doesn’t replicate their style. Brands stick with products/influencers that represents their brand identity. Your first step is to reach out to brands you already love!

4. Be true to Your own Brand

Have you ever wandered over to an Instagram page where the influencer has 1,000 posts of brand collaborations? Some photos are with a bottle of perfume, others are in workout clothes, and a good amount of photos are with hundreds of products that don’t have anything in common. Whether you are a brand or influencer, you need to find a niche. Choose a topic you’re passionate about and can sell to your followers. For example, if you love trendy pieces then look at apparel brands. If you’re passionate about animals then promote products that don’t test on animals. If there isn’t a theme, then it comes across as unauthentic and inorganic.


4 thoughts on “4 Tips to Collaborating as an Influencer

  1. Great post, Lauren! Have you looked into #Paid? I saw them pitch investors a few years ago at a pitch night here in NYC. They’re a startup that streamlines the influencer marketplace for both creators and marketers. I think it might help reduce the time you spend between pitch and getting a response 🙂


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