Isn’t She Lovely | Katherine’s Newborn Session

As a kid, I remember everyone saying how beautiful having a baby was. Well, I started to believe it when this little girl was born. Little Katherine is the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen. And yes, I’m completely biased because she’s my niece!

I was honored to be asked to take her newborn photos. I loved seeing her beautiful parents fall more in love with her with every click of the camera. Not to mention, my own heart couldn’t contain the cuteness.

To be honest, I rushed the photo session just so I could squeeze in more baby snuggles.


Little Katherine was born on November 1st so she arrived just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities to begin. Perfect timing, right? So naturally, Christmas photos were a must!

For any of you who have kids, isn’t it amazing how clothing styles have completely changed for newborns? And I’m not mad about it one bit! I remember my baby pictures are filled with floral and ruffles.  Nowadays, you can find the cuter clothes in the baby section than in the women’s section!

My favorite part about capturing these photos was knowing how much love is surrounding this little girl. No matter what struggles she might face, she has two parents who would give everything just to keep her safe.

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