Katie + Reversible Company

First off, how amazing does this pretty lady look?! She just had a little girl 7 weeks ago! yes, you read that right. 7 weeks ago!

And the best part is that 7 weeks ago I became an auntie!

I was thrilled to partner with my sweet sister Katie when I heard it was a collaboration with Reversible Company. If you are not familiar with this brand, then you better jump on board stat!

Reversible Company is a clothing brand started by twin sisters Rebecca and Sara who were both new moms on the lookout for comfortable and stylish clothes. After feeling discouraged that the market for postpartum clothing wasn’t stellar, they said “Who cares! We’ll create our own!” Reversible Company was born!

I loved spending the afternoon with Katie and her gorgeous pieces from Reversible Company. Reversible Company sent over their short sleeve tunic and yoga pants. Both of these products fit perfectly for new moms. They fit well and even give extra room in the tummy area. All moms rejoice! And the yoga pants are fitted and don’t require long shirts to cover your bum. Hallelujiah! 

I wish you could feel these clothes through the screen. Bamboo jersey, the softest fabric ever, is what every product is made out of. Basically, Reversible Company is perfect in every way! If you are a new mom or know mom’s who struggle in the clothing department, I found your remedy!

Katie had the perfect pieces to pair with both the tunic and yoga pants. She dressed the short sleeve tunic up with flats and jeans, as well as threw on a pair of leggings and Toms. Every outfit looked put together, and she was comfortable!

Okay, but the best part about this clothing, besides being extremely soft, is that all their pieces are reversible. Hence the name, but still! That means that if your little peanut decides to spit upon you, all you have to do is flip the piece inside out! I’m not even a mom and I’m ready to buy all their products!

I loved talking with my sister Katie about her newest addition and how amazing motherhood is. It was nice to see her step away from being a mom and see her feel beautiful in Reversible Company’s impeccable clothes!

Have you fallen in love with Reversible Company? Follow them on Instagram!

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