3 Blog Topics That Shouldn’t Be On Your Website…Ever

As a content writer, I feel extremely fortunate to write posts for websites as part of my everyday routine. It’s also a career where I learn something new every day. Being trusted to express my favorite brand’s identity is a dream come true. With that, I know what belongs on a website and what doesn’t. 

I’ve been contracted by brands, consulting firms, and photographers to help brainstorm ways to cater to their target audience while also drawing in potential clients.

This involves being asked to write about topics that I don’t feel comfortable adding my name to. It’s important for entrepreneurs and corporations to know what is appropriate on their website. Just because another company has it on their website, doesn’t mean your website should follow suit. 

So if you have thought about asking your content writer to add this to your website, you might want to think twice.


I would be lying if I told you that I’ve never been asked by a client to write about this. I can personally see how big your eyes just got. And yes, it was extremely uncomfortable to say no. Most of the reasons why this shouldn’t be a post on your business website are self-explanatory. But just in case you still aren’t convinced, here’s the main reason why. Think of your website as an introduction to potential clients. If a potential client wanted to meet for coffee, how would you feel if they asked about every post on your site? If there are topics you wouldn’t want to discuss transparently with a potential client, then don’t add it to your corner of the internet.

Anything Political

Political and/or religious views should never be on a company website. Unless you are a politician. As a child, I was taught to never talk politics and/or religion, so I’ve carried that into my profession. Adding personal views can come off in a way that turns clients away who don’t agree or even understand your political/religious views. As a business owner, you should never give potential clients reasons to not want to be associated with your business. Instead, you should create a positive environment that draws clients in.

Life Updates

Life updates and business updates are completely different. I am all for business updates to show clients what’s new for the business. For example, send a monthly email to your clients talking about business requests and content you’ve created for clients during that month. In fact, it would be a great way to introduce your clients to each other. Now back to life updates. Personal information shouldn’t be on your website. Your clients don’t need to know what your family issues are, how wild you were in college, or even why your relationship failed.

The best way to know if a topic belongs on your site, is to ask yourself “If I was having coffee with a future employer and they asked me about this, would I feel uncomfortable?” If the answer is “yes”, then don’t hit publish!

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