5 Things to Know Before Stepping Foot into Athleta

Tight clothing can be intimidating to anyone. We know how it feels to walk in a store where you don’t feel like you belong, and that is everything Athleta is trying to run from.

Athleta is located here in Greenville on Woodruff Road. The store opened on November 20th and has been the perfect addition to Greenville’s fitness community, but also business professionals! A store that sells both workout clothes and work attire is a dream come true, right?

We know trying something new isn’t everyone’s forte. So I’m here to give you the lo-down with everything you need to know before stepping foot into Athleta.

Sizes run generous!

Breath of fresh air, huh? We recommend customers try on one size down! Sizing in the waist is the most important because pulling up leggings in the middle of a workout is not our cup of tea. If you aren’t convinced, grab your regular size and one size down. We’ll help you decide what fits better! For example, if you’re a size Medium try on a Small. All of our employees are educated in this area, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! We love giving you tips and tricks!

Road Map of the Store

Since Athleta does focus on workout clothes, they have designed products specialized for specific workouts. The workout side of the store is set up by compression. So if you are more of the yoga type or just love soft pants, then you want the lowest compression in your leggings. (These are found at the front of the store.) Lower compression means it’s going to feel lighter on when you’re wearing them. The back of the store holds our highest compression pants perfect for runners, CrossFit-lovers, weight-training, and anything else where you feel you need that higher support. Higher compression is great for improving blood flow during the more intense workouts. The left side of the store holds lifestyle pieces that are comfortable but still professional. If you wear dress slacks every day, then you have to try on the Stellar Tight. They are Athleta’s take on dress pants, and everyone raves about them!

In-Store Events

We want you to try something new! So we have partnered with members of our community to offer free fitness classes and workshops. Free.99! So far, we’ve hosted events with chiropractors, Young Living essential oil reps, Isagenix reps, Barre studios, Zumba classes, Qi Gong classes, and even girl scout troop meetings! It’s a way to meet members of our community and learn how talented Greenville is! Follow #AthletaGreenville on Instagram to stay up to date!

Discounts and Rewards

Coupons from Athleta are few and far between. Read: rare. Athleta does offer exclusive discounts to Athleta Rewards credit card holders and FitPros. We do like to share the benefits of the rewards credit card to make sure you are getting the best deals. For every $100 you spend, you’ll receive $5 in rewards! And just for signing up, you receive a complimentary $25 in rewards! Rewards can be used at all Gap.Inc stores;  Athleta, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap.

FitPros are fitness instructors who are certified and teach regularly. Just by signing up, you’ll receive 30% off full-priced items. It also gives you exclusive access to in-store events such as new arrival launches! All for FREE!


Checkout Process

Athleta is stepping up their game. Every sales associate carries a fancy iPod that is used to run every transaction! Guess what that means, no lines! So whenever you’re ready, we’re ready too! Don’t hesitate to stop us in our tracks! We can’t wait to see the items you’ve fallen in love with.

Ask questions!

We show up to work with a mission to empower women to feel the best about themselves. How can we help you feel empowered? Is it picking out an outfit to attend your first yoga class? Or do you have a job interview and need business clothes? We are at your service! Plus, helping you makes us feel empowered too!

Find more collaborations on my Instagram page @Lauren_Connelly!

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