Soapbox X Target

So if you know me at all, you know that Target is my favorite place. Literally, the dollar section always brings out the best version of myself.

In addition to Target, I also love one-for-one brands. One-for-one brands donate products to those in need whenever someone makes a purchase. Not only are you benefiting from the purchase, but so is someone else who could be below poverty line not knowing where their next shower will be.

And now on to the best news ever.

Target is now selling Soapbox Soaps in select stores!



As many of you know I’m a Floridian living in South Carolina, so winter skin is a new dilemma for me. I’ve tried lotion after lotion and moisturizing hand soap after moisturizing hand soap. And in my honest opinion, Soapbox hand soaps is the holy grail!


Target is now selling three hand soaps from Soapbox! In select stores, you’ll find Citrus and Peach Rose, Coconut Milk and Sandalwood, and Sea Minerals and Blue Iris. Each hand soap runs from $3.99-$4.49 for a 12 oz bottle! Wait, what? Yes, $4.49 buys you an amazing product and provides an amazing product for someone in need.



Partnering with a one-for-one brand was top on my “WriterLaurenConnelly” bucket list. I have a heart for giving back, so before partnering with Soapbox I wanted to hear about their mission and why I should support it. My main questions were how do they donate a bar of soap, where do the donations go, and how did they start.

The answers were all music to my ears! So here are the answers!

How did they start?

Everyone loves a story that turns a struggle into a triumph. Well, this story is even better! Dave, the founder of Soapbox, made the first batch of soap in his dorm room at American University in 2010. He wanted to create something that people are already going to buy, and use that as a way to give back. Dave started to understand the need for soap especially in locations where the poverty rate is way too high.

How does Soapbox donate soap?

Instead of shipping products to those in need, Soapbox partners with local soapmakers near their donation site.  By partnering with artisans in the same village, Soapbox promises to use their resources rather than sending over products which could take away jobs. Soapbox also donates products to homeless shelters in the United States.

Where do the donations go?

Donations stay in the United States and go abroad. Soapbox partners with homeless shelters in the United States and Soapmakers abroad.

What’s the benefit of donating soap?

Every person that receives a donated bar of soap also receives hygiene education. In areas where water quality isn’t the greatest, soap can make a huge difference in overall health. People are learning the importance of using quality soap to ensure the greatest benefits!

Isn’t that amazing? That by purchasing a bottle of hand soap benefits a soapmaker in a village, provides a bar of soap to someone who doesn’t have access to soap, and lastly educated them on hygiene health. Which leads to them teaching others about proper hygiene. And it all starts with a bottle of hand soap. Chills, right?!



Products were provided by Soapbox. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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