Prarie Sweater Co x Laura Maternity

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch an entire pregnancy? Or maybe not the entire pregnancy, but just the change over the 9 months is a blessing to witness!

Laura is a true champ in the pregnancy department. There is nothing standing in her way from checking off her to-do list, even if that little boy is doing gymnastics in the womb! She also has a two-year-old boy, Declan, who is also preparing for the newest addition. Her pregnancy has been one for the books, which aligns perfectly with her personality.


Laura was the best subject to capture. #PregnancyGlowIsReal We laughed while battling the cold that Greenville decided to throw on us!


To deal with the cold, Laura threw on a sweater from Prarie Sweater Co! It was lined with the softest fleece which means that it can be worn even in the frigid temperatures. The best part about Prarie Sweater Co is that it was created by Tabitha, who is a mom herself! She knows what it’s like to need clothing that it easy to throw on and survive everything motherhood brings!

Prarie Sweater Co sent their breastfeeding sweater that has side zippers! It’s oh so soft made of bamboo that is comfortable for both you and baby. All sweaters are customizable starting with the style and color, to the pattern of the pockets! Each sweater can be customized for momma’s who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and even wearing over their baby carrier. It’s seriously perfection!


This collaboration made my heart melt into a puddle on the floor. What is it about pregnancy that makes your heart melt?

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