Benefits of Using Natural Body Wash with Soapbox

Have you ever smelled a body wash and thought “I belong on a beach with a strawberry daiquiri in one hand and a good book in the other?”

Well, I don’t see a strawberry daiquiri or a beach right now so the smell of body wash will have to do. I’ve been using both the Citrus and Peach Rose Reviving Moisture Body Wash and the Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Gentle Moisture Bar Soap to save my skin this winter!

And let me tell you, these moisture-rich products are the real deal!


The Citrus and Peach Rose Reviving Moisture body wash has a scent that is fruity and uplifting. Citrus is a naturally energizing scent which is my cure to feeling uplifted and energized. I’ve also been using the Sea Mineral & Blue Iris Gentle Moisture Bar Soap specifically for my nighttime shower. It’s calming and leaves my skin feeling extra nourished! I love using super moisturizing body wash at night because there are tons of toxins around us every day that can affect the way our skin looks.Using products that are clean and nourishing is my first step to ensuring my skin always looks healthy.


I never understood the benefits of body wash until I realized my skin changes with the weather. The dry weather leaves my skin looking dull and craving moisture, which can be cured with the right body wash.


Soapbox creates products that are essentially beneficial for your skin! For instance, the Citrus and Peach Rose Reviving Moisture Body Wash is doused with fruit oil bringing elasticity to your skin. Ever use soap that makes your skin feel like plaster? The last thing you should ever do for your skin is take away moisture! A combination of shea butter and olive oil are found in the Sea Minerals & Blue Iris Gentle Moisture Bar Soap, which are the main ingredients that leave skin feeling clean and hydrated!

I love mixing my body wash and bar soap from Soapbox. Just by using one soap in the morning and the other at night, I can actually see a difference in the appearance of my skin. My skin never feels like the winter weather is drying it out.

What do you look for when buying soaps? Is it the smell, ingredients, or even the reviews? I want to hear it in the comments below!

Head over here to hear how Soapbox has benefited my haircare routine!

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