Franchesca and Sebastian | Mom + Baby

Have you ever met someone who reminded you exactly of someone else? And then after talking with them, you feel like you’ve known them your whole life? Well, that’s what it’s like living in the South. You feel like you’ve known everyone forever! And that might be my favorite part.

I can’t say anything different about Franchesca! She is literally a ray of sunshine and sweet Sebastian is the most well-behaved 9-month-old ever. Actually, he reminds me of this baby over here.

–> Success Kid

Yup. You get me? Okay, back to the session.

Franchesca asked if I wanted to take photos celebrating Sebastian’s first Easter! Maybe it’s this season of life I’m in right now, but seeing a mom and baby melts my heart to a puddle on the floor. Sebastian was content the entire session, even when I asked Franchesca if she would want to hold him up repeatedly just so I could get the shot. He just put his hands out and acted like an airplane! hahaha!

It was golden hour, which is pure magic when you’re behind the lens.


I had the best time with Franchesca and Sebastian! But really, doesn’t he look like the success kid?

Want to see more images from this session? Head over to my Product + Lifestyle Photography page.

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