Hey Photographer Series | Are You Ready?

Hey Photographer!

This series will benefit you if:

  • You are a photographer.
  • You have a website that might not be reaching its full potential.
  • Posting on Instagram is a daily struggle.
  • Writing a blog post about photo sessions is a dreaded task.
  • You are looking to find a content writer to manage your blog posts.

Trust me, I understand what you’re going through. Not only do you have to market yourself, but you also need to stand out from the crowd.

This is my living. I am a content writer serving photographers. I create blog posts about photo sessions, customize questionnaires for clients, and even create investment pages.

What’s the reason behind creating this series?

I want to offer FREE resources to photographers. I want their websites to show their worth.

The “Hey Photographer Series” is:

  • a 15-week content series
  • Content will be posted every Wednesday
  • Topics will range from “How to Write a Killer Blog Post” to “How to Reuse Instagram Photos when You’re in a Slow Season”

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