Hey Photographer Series #1 | Do Photographers Really Need Content Writers?

“I don’t need to hire someone to do something that I can already do.” Was that your first thought after reading the title of this post? 

Honestly, that’s a great point.

Why hire someone to write about the sessions that you had a front-row seat to? How can someone write it better than you can? You were there to experience the excitement of the occasion, you witnessed the giggles in between each click of the camera, and maybe even shed a few tears when you saw a father see his daughter in a wedding gown for the first time.

Trust me, I understand.

The main question to ask yourself is, “Is this taking time away from something else that my business needs to succeed?”

Simply, are you behind on editing photos because you’ve spent hours trying to write a blog post about the session? Or are you not updating your “blog” section because there are other areas that need more time?

That’s why I’m here to serve photographers with their website content. I love perusing Instagram to see my favorite photographer’s newest sessions. The biggest downfall is when I go to their website, the gallery isn’t even on their website. All the editing you did to make sure the images help your client relive that day, and it’s not being promoted as your newest work!

If you are a photographer looking for help in the “content” department, let’s chat! I love watching photographers grow their business, especially when they are using the right resources.

Still need more information before contacting me? Well, here you are! A little about me, blog posts I’ve written for my own sessions, and even more resources for photographers!

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