Hey Photographer Series #2 | How to Write a Blog Post on a Photo Session

Maybe it’s just me but I could stock photographers on Instagram all day long. The images are crisp, the editing is impeccable, and the people in the images are always glowing. Without a doubt, I could spend hours “oh-ing and aw-ing”. It’s my downfall.

Since my love for beautiful images is at an all-time high, I want to give photographer advice on creating a killer blog post that will attract clients. Yes, clients!

If you are a photographer please comment your website below so that others can see your work!

First, I’ve heard the discussion on whether or not a blog is necessary on a photographer’s website. I am over here jumping up and down with both my hands in the air saying “Yes, yes, yes!” Posting a gallery doesn’t give clients information about you. Remember, clients need to feel comfortable in front of you and they need more than just images to be convinced.

Okay, on to creating killer blog posts!

1. Make a questionnaire for your clients!

This is the best way to get information before meeting the couple, family, or individual. It also provides information for the blog post. Send a questionnaire before the shoot asking about either the couple, family, or individual. Questions should be quirky enough to make the client think, but never too personal. Use this information to create Instagram captions, blog posts, and detailed personalized gifts using the images from the shoot.

Did you know this is one of the services I offer? 

2. Stick to a format!

There are a ton of ways to format a post with images. My best piece of advice is stick to it! Don’t change the format of every post because it makes it difficult for viewers to determine which wording goes with each image. A few formats to consider are captions underneath every image,  a gallery at the end and wording in the beginning, a gallery first and then wording, or a mixture of images and wording. Either way, do what is best for your audience!

3. Be personable.

You are done writing research papers so put that lingo on the back burner. In short, write like you talk. If you’re from the South and use the word “Y’all”, then use it! If you have a funny saying like “by golly” or “shazam!”, then don’t hold back. Don’t give your viewers a reason to click away. And cookie cutter is never on trend!

4. Don’t post every single photo.

I hate to break it to you, but future brides aren’t going to be “oh-ing and aw-ing” over a photo of Great Uncle Jerry and the bride. Instead, choose images that pull at heartstrings, make us giggle, and even shed a tear. Hiring a photographer for any occasion is a vulnerable experience. Give your potential clients an understanding of your style and the images that correlate with your brand. I would suggest using no more than 20 images because the good images will be lost in a crowd.

5. Use links!

You’ve heard of SEO, search engine optimization. It determines the ranking of your post on search engines like Google and Bing. If you are posting images at certain locations make sure to link their websites!  For example, if you are writing about shooting at Falls Park in Greenville, South Carolina, use a heading that says “Engagement at Falls Park on the Reedy“. Headings help with better SEO rankings as well as links!

Still have a few questions?

Send over an email, writerlaurenconnelly@gmail.com

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