Hey Photographer Series #3| 3 Ways to Gain Exposure Without Doing Extra Work

Okay, just hear me out.

After sending over a gallery, what’s your next step? Is it a sigh of relief? A mix of praise hands and jumping on the couch to celebrate? Or are you pouring yourself a moderate dose of rosé? hey, why not all three?

Either way, a celebration should be in order.

You should also be thinking about how you can promote the images you just edited for the last 6 hours. Use them to your advantage to gain exposure without relying on your clients to post them.

Keep reading for my 3 tips on gaining exposure without doing any extra work!

Intrigue Followers to Read About the Session on Your Website!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you are only posting one image from each session on Instagram to promote your services, then you aren’t doing enough. Ask yourself, why would someone want me as a photographer? Do you make them feel comfortable in front of the camera? Do you care deeply about their family? Do you invest time before the session to make sure you know who you are photographing? Are you an editorial photographer that has been featured? Do you have a complimentary add-on?

Yes? Then make that your topic when writing a blog post about every single session.

For example, if a staple in your photography business includes asking your couple what their favorite song is prior to the session, then write each blog post relating their favorite song to how the session went. Create a staple that you can tease in an Instagram post and will lead visitors to your website.

  Talk about how your couple reached out to you, or how Great Aunt Sally was your kindergarten teacher and now you’re photographing her niece’s wedding. Or even a description of the downpour that you suffered through just to get the photos. Bring people to your website to read about how you differ from other photographers. Make readers feel like they were an onlooker during the session.


Follow up with your clients!

Personally, as I business owner I don’t want clients who book me for a service and then never want my help again. I put time into my clients to make sure that I am the best fit for their project. Make clients feel like you are invested in them even when it doesn’t always include a check. Invest in them by following up after the session.

One simple way is to send a follow-up questionnaire with the gallery. Ask your clients how they felt during the session. Do you pride yourself on taking the time to truly understand what the client wants? Ask them how comfortable they felt prior to the session. Did they have any hesitations? Did they still have questions about you when you met them for the session? Did you give them the opportunity to learn about you?

Another way is to ask for a testimonial. Did you and your client click? no pun intended. sorry, I had to. Find out where you succeeded and then share it on your website. Or even promote their review in a caption to an Instagram post. It’s crucial to find ways to promote your work without relying on your clients to promote for you.

Post the images more than once.

Again, you took the time to edit the images so don’t let your craft go unnoticed! Stay up to date with your client’s anniversaries, baby due dates, or even a special occasion. Repost images to wish your clients a happy 6 month anniversary, and then caption the image by telling your favorite part of their special day. This also gives you the opportunity to link the blog post you wrote about their session. double whammy. Or even tell about how you met the bride’s best friend who also hired you to shoot their wedding. That gives you two chances to post and two blog posts to link. If you are a family photography, congratulate the family on welcoming their baby by posting an image from the maternity shoot. If you do newborn photos too, take advantage of posting about a milestone!


In an industry where photographers are everywhere, give potential clients a reason to book you!

Honestly, some clients might even book you just by knowing that you will write a blog post about their session!


Hey Photographer!

Have you stopped posting blog posts about sessions because there isn’t enough time in the day? I’m here to serve you! Head over to read more about my services made special for photographers!

Ready for more tips and tricks? Hey Photographer Series is over this way.

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