Hey Photographer Series #4 | Formula to Promoting Your Session on Instagram

This statistic literally makes me cringe.

Only 6% of your followers see your Instagram Post. whhatt.

it’s cringe-worthy, right? 

All that time to come up with a caption, post it at the right time, tag as many accounts, and even peruse Instagram for the best hashtags to fill the 30 hashtag limit. And only 6% lay eyes on it.

Only posting one image to promote a session where you took over 100 images, hand selected 50 and then edited 30, isn’t doing yourself justice.

Your talent deserves way more than one post on Instagram. Here’s the secret formula to promoting you sessions on Instagram.

Instagram Post #1 | Share your work with a sneak peek.

Your first Instagram post about a session should be a sneak peek. Only include one or two images.  This is the perfect time to share something that makes you stand apart from other photographers. Did you take the time to truly understand your client before the session? Yes? Then share a fun fact that only their closest friends would know about them.

Tidbit – I collaborated with 28PaperClips for a product photography collaboration. I recruited a friend who is getting married in August, so she wore a Sherpa with her new initials. While sending the images over for approval, I posted an image that didn’t include the product but still gave insight into the reason behind the session. 


Instagram Post #2 | Call to action.

First off, give yourself some grace. Set a timeline to finish the gallery and write a blog post.  And by grace, I mean don’t throw everything together just to get the job done. Reflect on the session. If an onlooker saw you during the session, what do you hope they would say you did well? The sole purpose of a Call to Action post is to lead potential clients to your website. Ready for the format?

LaurenConnnellyPhoto-22Remember the gal with the pretty ring? |Fun fact about the sneak peek

Truth is, the hunt is over.  She’s just months away from being Mrs. Van Amberg! |Insight on why I said “ring”

We collaborated with 28PaperClips to decide on the best gift for a bride! A monogrammed sherpa wins our vote. | Point behind the images

Still shopping for bridesmaid gifts? No surprise here, Heather aced that test. Find it at WriterLaurenConnelly.  | Call to Action

See what I did there? Tease the blog post you wrote about the session. Remind your followers of the session by stating something you mentioned in Instagram Post #1. Post the featured Image with Instagram Post #2, so visitors recognize the image.

Instagram Post #3 | Celebration/ Milestone

Was your post featured somewhere? Did you send your couple a photo book as a thank you gift? Did your maternity session client have their baby? Use these as reasons to post! If only 6% of your following can see your images then you need to be intentional about when and what you post. Still not sure how to incorporate this into your posts?

Here are 5 more celebrations/milestones to post about!

  • A Baby’s Milestone session
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Throwback of when you met your client
  • A countdown to a wedding/maternity/senior/newborn session
  • Countdown to the start of your wedding season


Does this sound like a lot of work? Is your first thought, “how will I have time to do this?” I have great news for you.

This is my career! I’m here to serve photographers with their website content. Head over to Hey Photographer to read about how we can work together!

Statistic via Jenna Kutcher.

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