Hey Photographer Series #5 | 3 Questions to Ask a Content Writer Before Hiring Them

Hey Photographer, let me guess. During this busy season, you’re putting everything on the back burner except for photo sessions.

Blog posts can wait until everything dies down, right? Well, not really. Just like everything else, the longer you wait the more it decreases in value. If you don’t post until months after, then the photos aren’t new. People have already seen the images, so there isn’t anything new drawing them to the post.

If you don’t have time to write a blog post about the sessions you shoot, then outsource.

But before hiring a content writer, here are questions to ask!

1. Turn around time.

Just like the couples want their photos in a timely manner, you should feel that way too if you outsource! Ask how quickly can they write a thorough blog post. I have found with my clients by having both a gallery and blog post to promote, it means more content to draw people in!

Example: Personally, my turn around time is 1 week for a blog post.  I believe 1 week is plenty of time especially if I have consistent clients. My tip for you as a photographer is to set up a schedule. For instance, if wedding season brings bookings for 3 months solid, then ask your content writer to submit a post every week. Then you know there will always be content to post. Also, schedules help everyone stay on track, right?

2. Writing style.

I stopped writing research papers when I graduated college one year ago! Find a content writer you click with. This means, making sure the content on your website feels more like someone is ghostwriting for you rather than writing a research paper. Personally, my goal is to learn about my clients before creating content for them. I want to make sure that when someone lands on their website, it is all cohesive. A few questions you can discuss are about both word count and the format of the posts. Do you prefer images and then text? Make it known! Or do you like a quick summary of the session rather than a 600-word post about every detail? Then make sure you’re picking a content writer that knows how to write short summaries with a lot of detail.

Example: I send a customized questionnaire to learn exactly where my clients need help. Sometimes it’s as simple as needing me because they don’t have time to do it themselves. I also schedule a phone call with my client to learn their vocabulary and tone. Remember that you’re hiring someone so it needs to be beneficial and lucrative to your personal brand.

Have you checked out How to Write a Killer Blog Post?

3. Pricing

Money money moneeyyy. Just like anything else, before you agree to something you want to know how much it’s going to cost you. Some content writers will charge per post, and others will charge for multiple posts. Before hiring a content writer, you should determine where you need the help. If you only need one post per month, then hiring a content writer by the post is more beneficial. If you’re booked all wedding season, then paying for a package is going to promise you’re getting content frequently. Lastly, remember that it’s a business transaction. Just like your clients hire you to capture their special day, you are also hiring someone to help with a part of your business.

Do photographers really need content writers? You bet I wrote about it!

Still have questions about hiring a content writer? Email me! I’d love to answer any questions that come to mind.

Looking at hiring a content writer? Let’s chat! You can find more information about my services over here!

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