Hey Photographer Series #6 | Do You Really Need a Separate Instagram Account for Your Photography?

Here’s the short answer.


I like to think of Instagram as a one-stop shop. Just by clicking on a person’s profile you can find how a person sees themselves ( through the description in their bio), how others see themself ( in the comments), and what is important to them ( through the photos in their feed). With all those factors, you choose to “follow” them or not.

I’ve found that people who are authentic and share a healthy dose of their business and real life, get better traction. Followers are able to see you are more than just a photographer. You might be a mom to three little boys, or a lover of your pup, or walking through a season that feels uncomfortable and difficult. In order to gain attention (followers) and clients (money), you need to be real. And being real isn’t posting a highlight reel to one Instagram page and reality on the other. Being real isn’t keeping professional work and day-to-day struggles separate on Instagram. If you want your clients to show up with their insecurities and be okay with you photographing them at their most vulnerable state, then it’s important to show them you are human too.

Think about the brand you’re creating. You’re not just another photographer. Your camera is just a part of your brand. Your edits are another part of the brand. The only thing that makes your brand yours is you. If you are creating a brand, and you’re hiding away on another Instagram account then it doesn’t feel personal.


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