Hey Photographer Series #7 | How to Collaborate as a Photographer

#CommunityOverCompetition is what I preach. It is amazing to see the talent in this world.

In order to appreciate each others craft, I believe the first step is to collaborate. Personally, I’ve been so fortunate to collaborate with amazing people/brands. Here are 3 ways I’ve collaborated and I hope they will inspire you to do the same!

Influencers in your area

Where I live, we have a TuesdayTogether chapter and a Bloggers Union chapter. Both are full of talented creatives who are always looking for collaborations. I collaborated with the Greenville Bloggers Union by offering mini sessions to their members. It was a simple way for me to meet more people in my community while still doing what I love. You can find your own Bloggers Union and TuesdayTogether chapter through these links.

Find a TuesdayTogether Meetup

Find a Blogger Union Chapter

Product Photography

Do you love styling images? Or are you a wedding photographer looking for something to do when you don’t have a lot of business? Reaching out to brands and showing interest in providing marketing material for them is huge! Most brands need images of people using their products and even flat lays. Personally, I worked with Soapbox, Rachel Alvarez Art, BeautyCounter, and 28PaperClips. And maybe branching out from portraits will help with your creativity.

Workshops/ Classes

It’s so important that you’re meeting people who are also photographers. I know that often we don’t like meeting people who do our same craft because you don’t want that to affect your business. For me, I’ve found the complete opposite. I attended a photography class here in Greenville. It was something I was passionate about, and learning more about your camera is never a bad idea. I met others who are looking to becoming full-time photographers, some were interested in taking their own family portraits, and a few needed to know photography for their current jobs. There is so much more to photography than checking your ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Honestly, the best part that can come out of meeting other photographers is for you to take on each other’s clients when you’re already booked.

Now, I’m interested in what you do! Are you a photographer, influencer, or another type of creative? I want to hear it in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Hey Photographer Series #7 | How to Collaborate as a Photographer

  1. When you say collaborate, are you referring to finding paid work or non-paid work? These days the world collaborate seems to be synonymous with work for free.


    1. Hi Joshua! By collaborating, I mean ways to use your work in other areas. So when you’re not in wedding season, there are still lucrative alternatives to still making money. Paid work, always!


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