Stamped and Finch| Collaboration

Have you ever come across an Instagram page and thought “we would be best friends in real life”?

Yes? Well, that’s how I felt when I came across Stamped and Finch!

Lindsey Warren runs Stamped and Finch, a customized jewelry business. She hand-stamps each piece with encouraging words, initials, and phrases that are sure to lift your spirits.

This was by far my favorite collaboration ever. As a photographer, you can try to truly invest in someone else’s business but not everyone lets you in. Lindsey was so encouraging during the entire process. She is a light that I know will impact this world in many ways. And I feel honored that I was chosen to collaborate with her!

For this collaboration, I recruited two bloggers here in Greenville! Hillary from The Garment Theory and Emily from the Everyday Emily Blog were perfect for this project.

Lindsey sent over a Customized Gold Necklace stamped with the coordinates of Greenville, South Carolina, and a Customized Thick Cuff Bracelet stamped with “You Are Radiant”.  The minute I opened the package, I could tell there was so much love behind each of these pieces. Each piece is customized by Lindsey’s own two hands.

Okay, now onto the good stuff. Photos!

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Just a girl and her camera living in Greenville, South Carolina photographer.

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