Madison Grace Co | Collaboration

I have one South Carolina Winter under my belt, so when I heard about a blanket scarf collaboration I jumped on it!

I’m not saying that I can’t hang, but I definitely need my blood to thicken. This Florida gal could definitely improve in that area.

Madison Grace Co sells an assortment of products including BLANKET SCARFSFall lovers rejoice! This collaboration with Madison Grace Co. included ringing in the Fall early, which also meant shooting blanket scarfs when South Carolina is stuck in 90°F days. Either way, I was all for it!

I worked with Moriah from She’s That Girl Guide and Hillary from The Garment Theory to capture creative ways to style a scarf! These girls have that task covered! I stood in the back cheering them on and snapping photos.

I loved that one product sparked so much creativity. Hillary tied the scarf into a bow, and Moriah turned the scarf into a wrap! Basically, I have a lot to learn!

If you need scarf inspiration, look no further!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you Madison Grace Co. for this collaboration!

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