Local Stature | Branding

Just wait. Before you start scrolling to the bottom for the photos, let me just give you the warm fuzzies about this duo!

Reagan Burress started out as an Instagram friend and quickly became a dear friend who is honest and so so kind.  There is no exaggerating or feel like we need to impress each other. We truly meet each other where we are at.  To be honest, she is a South Carolina version of my sweet sister Katie. The commonalities between the two are CRAZY! And man, I am so grateful to know Reagan during this season where I am living 700 miles away from Katie. Both of them have hearts that are pure gold and conversation skills that are admired by all.

I was talking to Reagan recently about a couples session and the first words out of her mouth were “oh Lauren, it might be too awkward! We haven’t had photos taken of us since our engagement session”. My first words: challenge accepted!

My favorite part of the session was seeing the shop where Local Stature was born! The creativity it must take to design each sign is inspirational to me. I was also excited to meet Christopher! He and Reagan are literally #couplegoals! If you have can call them friends, you are in good hands!

The entire session was spent laughing, learning more about Local Stature, and of course, snapping photos. and we might’ve blasted Taylor Swift, per Christopher’s request. hey, you can’t blame him for having good taste in music!

Christopher and Reagan own Local Stature, a shop where they create wooden signs in the shape of States. We all love our hometowns and this is the perfect way to display it!

My heart melts every time I read the story on how Local Stature came to be, so I’ll let them tell it! 

You can follow along with Christopher and Reagan on Instagram and Etsy!

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