Bertha from Holistic Glow | Branding

I’ve talked about Bertha before, and I know this will definitely not be the last time. I’ve been LOVING branding sessions recently, mainly because there is so much creativity going on! I also get a peek inside other people’s businesses! this gal is doing big things!

Bertha will be launching more lifestyle-based consulting so we decided it would be best to capture “real life” moments! We were able to peruse Downtown Greenville on an early, and chilly morning. It was a dream for a branding session!

Bertha picked Happy + Hale and Le Petit Croissant and I couldn’t have picked two better places to photograph! just wait until you see the chocolate croissant and avocado toast!

Not only was I snapping photos, but I learned so much about Bertha in between shots. Here are 3 things you might not know about Bertha from Holistic Glow!

  • Both Bertha and I studied Communication and took two completely different routes with our degree.
  • She is a brave soul! She quit her 9-5 to travel around Europe!
  • She is a Holistic Health Coach serving women to stray away from dieting and focus on being more mindful of eating habits!

I feel grateful to have crossed paths with Bertha! Now here are some of my favorites from her branding session!

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