Out + About at Sky Top Orchard

Being from Florida, there are a lot of things I’ve learned this past year in SC. One of them being about Fall. I am giddy about all things Fall because all I know is that Fall in Florida looks nothing like Fall in South or North Carolina.

Right now, the leaves are changing into the most gorgeous hues. The weather feels chilly but the sun is still shining. And everyone is wishing the holidays will be here sooner and sooner. honestly, I am one for waiting until thanksgiving is over to get into all things christmas. christmas music and christmas trees can be put on hold until the day after thanksgiving. who is with me?

With all of that, my best friend from Florida, Kelsey came to visit and you bet I tried to convince her to move here. We headed to Sky Top Orchard which is located in Zirconia, NC. About 55 minutes from Greenville. We went on a Tuesday which is my first tip if you are interested in visiting. It was quiet, and the trees were filled with all kinds of apples. Gala, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Pink Lady, etc. 

The best part was walking through the rows of Apple trees. Even if you aren’t interested in picking apples, the views are jaw-dropping. It’s almost like you are looking straight at clouds because the elevation is so high. It’s a kind of view that brings so much peace, stability and reminds you to be present.

Lastly, we made sure to pick up apple cider donuts! We even watched them roll the fresh donuts in cinnamon and sugar. Just a tidbit, the orchard said you can freeze the donuts. so my recommendation is to buy a tonnnnn. If I remember correctly, the prices were 1 donut for $1, 6 donuts for $6, and a dozen for $10. Only cash and check are accepted.

Another thing to note is each basket for picking apples is $20. You can pick as many apples as you want. To be honest, I feel like $20 was a steal for the experience!

Thank you Sky Top Orchard for having us!LaurenConnellyPhoto-29

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