The Thing No One Talks About | with Angel Shave Club

I heard you loud and clear! On my Instagram Poll, you all said you wanted a combination of photography and lifestyle! I’m excited to start adding more lifestyle content, especially when it includes something we all can relate to.

I’ve partnered with Angel Shave Club to talk about the thing that every woman hates. Shaving. *cue the tears

You might say it’s TMI but I started shaving my legs in third grade! Why? I have no idea. I remember feeling so mature as I sat on the edge of the bathtub. I rolled my jeans up and my mom taught me how to shave. 

Isn’t it crazy how something that sounded so mature at one point is now a dreaded process?

The last thing I want to do is stand in aisle A45 at Target trying to pick out a razor. I never know which one to pick, and the adjectives used to describe them are intimidating, to say the least. triple blades, double moisture, silky smooth, sensitive, better shave with one stroke, etc.  I’m embarrassed to say but I usually pick up the men’s 2 blade razors and suffer through the razor burn. 

Not anymore, folks! Angel Shave Club takes the guessing out of finding a razor! it’s almost too easy! ASC is a razor subscription service just for ladies! 

At first I was hesitant because I use the crappiest razors on the market. they’re literally $4 for 12 razors. I have to tell you, I’m sold on Angel Shave Club!

The only decisions you have to make are:

  • how often you want new razor blades { two months or four months }
  • which blade attachments you need { three blades or five blades}
  • how many razor blades you need during a two-month period {either 6 or 8}.

The best part about the whole thing is the price point! It starts at $18 for a two-month subscription box! truth is, the better your razor the better your legs look!

You can receive a free First Shave Kit by following this link. All you have to do is pay shipping! It’s worth every penny!

Thank you Angel Shave Club for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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