It’s Not Instagram That You Hate

” I love the way Instagram rips me apart” – said no one ever.

I’ve heard so many people say that Instagram has diminished their self-worth. It has caused them to feel five steps behind everyone else even if they’re feeling successful and ahead of the game. They have spent hours scrolling, counting likes, and contemplating when the right time to post is. Some of us have captioned photos with our deepest darkest secrets. Others have refrained from sharing anything scary because it will crack your hard shell that you present.

Have you ever given anyone the key to destroy you? probably.

Why? Because you feel like they are more worthy than you and you would rather have someone worthy hurt you than someone not worthy. duh.

So is Instagram worthy?

No it’s not. But we give it the key. Instagram has never hurt us. It’s only brought people together, given them a platform to share their favorite things, promote their craft, make friends who don’t live down the street, etc.

We. We’ve given Instagram the power to destroy us. We’ve put our worth in our likes, followers, a consistent feed, a number of comments, etc. We are the ones making Instagram a competitive platform. A place where we scroll until our hearts feel stepped on. And our mind tells us, “share something vulnerable and scary.”

It’s not Instagram. It’s us.

Join me in letting Instagram be a place for community, encouragement, honesty, and pretty photos.

And let us be us. Brave. Loved. Encouraged. Courageous. Optimistic. Able to listen when people are hurting most. Able to celebrate the sweetest moments life has to offer.

Let Instagram be Instagram. And us be us.

One thought on “It’s Not Instagram That You Hate

  1. This is a great post Lauren! So true. I don’t have Twitter or Instagram, but I know that even from Facebook, people put things out there for the world to see that are so personal….and some people are so cruel. There is power in words…..we tend to forget this. I’m proud that you use your words for good! Love you.😘


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