The Berens | Family Session

Let me start out by saying that this little girl has more energy than I ever do even after multiple cups of coffee. The minute I met Leanne I knew this session wouldn’t disappoint. and dang was that the truth. she kept me laughing the entire time.

I loved that Rachel envisioned a more woodsy vibe for their family photos because Lake Conestee is one of my favorite places to book family sessions. The Berens were truly themselves and by the end of the session, I felt like I had known them for way more than an hour. family session goals.

After leaving this session I was reminded of how amazing it is that no matter where the location of the session is, my clients blow my expectations out of the water every single time. Every session feels more like a hang out with a long lost friend than a business transaction.

Thank you Berens for welcoming me into your family for an hour! I will be forever thankful for your sweet Leanne.

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