Step into my Office

Social media can make things look way different than they really are.

In a perfect world, my office would be its own room. In the center of the room would be a big antique desk placed on a colorful rug. A comfy love seat would be my office chair. It would have a rustic bookshelf pushed up against one wall and a vintage couch pushed in one of the corners. The walls would have encouraging quotes and bible verses hanging and maybe two of the walls would be covered in floor to ceiling wallpaper. something modern to tie in the rustic furniture.

But that’s not where I am right now.

Right now, my office is an ikea desk pushed in the corner of my living room. My office chair is a dining room chair that never found a purpose in this little apartment. Above the desk are encouraging words, bible verses, and a Florida sign made by Local Stature.

There are a few other things you would notice if you spent a day in my office.

Like how I grab a cup of coffee within minutes of opening my eyes. It is always accompanied by a touch of flavored cream. i’ve been on a hazelnut kick lately.

I start my day by leaving my phone in my room until I finish reading my devotional and bible.

My bible likes coffee just as much as I do. a few coffee spills might’ve happened. 

My coffee cup never stays full but I’m also guilty of microwaving it a few too many times. it’s a constant battle. 

I like coffee.

I don’t work at my desk every day. Sometimes sitting on the couch is a nice break.

My Amazon Alexa gets a good workout every day. There is always music playing and I say “Alexa, next song” more times than I’d like to admit.

I have a post-it addiction.

My planner has it’s own parking spot on my desk.

I write everything down and then stack the papers in the corner of my desk.

You would see that I’m not a perfectionist. I like things tidy but something in the wrong place doesn’t bug me.

My best purchase of 2018 was an external hard drive that is always plugged into my computer.

I take breaks. Lots of them. Usually to walk Wilson. It’s my stress reliever.

You would see that I always have a blanket in reach even when it’s not winter time. problems that come with being cold all the time.

Lastly, every day is different. I start my day the same way, but after that, there is no routine to it. I trust that this is where I’m supposed to be right now even though I’m not sitting at an antique desk with a comfy love seat as an office chair.

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