2018: A Year in Review

Totally stole that from Gilmore Girls, but no shame to my name. I’m a big fan.

I never know what the year holds until it comes to an end. I think if I did know last January what 2018 would hold, I wouldn’t have learned so much about myself. I would’ve just waltzed on by waiting for the next task.

This year was nothing like that. I feel like I pushed myself far past what I could’ve handled. I learned more about myself this year than any year before. waving at you personal growth. And let me tell you when you invest in yourself amazing things happen. Especially when you look at it as a way of bettering yourself so you can better those around you.

I’m doing this for me, and maybe you’ll want to jump on the train. I’m starting year two of business by writing the top 5 moments that impacted WriterLaurenConnelly in 2018. It’s way too easy to feel like you haven’t accomplished anything all year. So we are going to change that!

Let’s get to it!

January 19th!

it’s THE day! *clinks wine glasses*

Friends, January 19th is the official birthday of WriterLaurenConnelly! I remember changing the privacy settings from a private website to a live website. It was so nerve-wracking knowing I was really diving in head first to the unknown. And let me tell you, your support was everything I didn’t expect. I had encouraging messages from people I hadn’t talked to in years! People I had just met in Greenville sent the kindest messages and shared my page on their own feed. It was the best launch I could’ve ever imagined, all because of you all!

March 1st

I contributed a little piece of my heart to Creative Her Collective!

I started this journey as a 22-year-old. I know it was only a year ago but at 22, I was fresh out of college, living in a city where I didn’t know anyone except for my sister, and going on job interviews that didn’t feed my soul a bit.  Looking back I had zero clue what I was doing or where to start. All I knew is that I had the determination to finish what I started. After writing this post, I connected with Amanda Mays via the Rising Tide Society Facebook Page. She posted about launching a space where female entrepreneurs could learn from each other. After emailing back and forth, I sent this post with the hopes it could help others in the same boat. Well, my prayers were answered and she featured it on her website. i mean, what an honor! 

July 28th

Shooting at Vintage Now Modern.

So the story is a funny one. When I first visited Greenville, my Mom and I were walking downtown and saw the storefront for Vintage Now Modern. Instantly, we fell in love with the gorgeous modern decor and antiques that tied everything together. Deep down I knew this place was going to be important to my time in Greenville. I love the saying “only time will tell” and that couldn’t be truer. On July 28th, almost a year after moving to Greenville, I collaborated with Sarah from The Simple Blonde, and Emily from Everyday Emily Blog to shoot product photos for Gold & Ivy. Debbie, the owner of Vintage Now Modern, kindly opened her doors early so we could use their shop as the backdrop.

September 1st

Stamped + Finch Collaboration

My first step into photography was product photography. I had a list of brands that I definitely wanted to reach out to and prayed that a collaboration would develop. Stamped + Finch was #1 on my list and I can’t even put into words what it felt like to solidify this collaboration. think Phoebe + Rachel jumping up and down kind of excitement. Most importantly, I believed in Lindsey Warren’s brand. She’s so intentional with her words and stamping jewelry is absolutely her calling. She was so kind to send over a few products to photograph and one definitely caught everyone’s eye on Insta. make sure to head over to her etsy shop and instagram! shout out to Hillary and Emily for tagging along on this collab.

October 20th

I photographed a wedding!

It was the craziest, most exciting day. I met Emily after collaborating on a few projects, and one day after talking she asked if I had ever been interested in photographing a wedding. Honestly, my first thought was absolutely not. And then she began to tell me that she and her husband, Kyle, were wedding photographers and interested in letting me tag along if I wanted the experience. how sweet is that?! Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and loved every second of it!


I say this often but I can’t even put into words what it means that you’re reading this. Investing in a business that was built by a girl sitting on their parent’s old couch in an apartment two states away from everything she’s ever known. I can promise that if I can do it, then your dreams are absolutely reachable. I think about that girl often and tell myself “thank God she took the jump”.

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