Read this Before You Book a Family Session

The days of family photos in white shirts and jeans are long gone. praise the Lord. So I’m giving you 3 ways to prepare for a family session to make it enjoyable and not stressful!

Without fail, every client walks into a session thinking “we are going to be so awkward in front of the camera”. I hate to say it but yes. Not everyone enjoys standing in front of the camera, but as a photographer, it is my job to make you feel comfortable. My goal for every session is to get to know my clients and build a relationship with them. I’m not looking to shoot a family session and never talk to them ever again. and if you want that, that is absolutely fine. there are photographers who are more that route!

First things first, Don’t choose one color for everyone to wear.

As a kid, I remember always dreading family photos. Mainly because it brought out the worst in all of us. and it all stemed from picking out our outfits. I suggest picking out two or three colors that compliment each other. This could be shades of blue or muted tones like mauve and navy. Not only do the colors turn out gorgeous in photos, but everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing. If you have someone interested in wearing prints, I suggest having one or two people wearing prints that tie the colors together.

Plan accordingly to your fam.

I will tell you that rushing out the door in the morning is not a pretty sight for most. well not with my family. And if your family is feeling anxious then your photographer is going to feel on edge too. If you would feel more relaxed booking an evening family session, by all means, book it! The sweet part about family sessions is that it’s not just capturing everyone standing still and looking at the camera. The in-between moments are what really represents the family. if you’ve done a session with me then you know I try to play into the family’s inside jokes! hey every family has their quirks, and I want to capture them!

Find a photographer you trust.

I have booked clients that I’ve met on the spot minutes before their session. Honestly, it’s great! I’ve never felt like I didn’t connect with them. And most of the times I finish the session feeling like I’ve known them forever.

Don’t be afraid to do your research. This could include inquiring about a session with a few photographers on their editing style, pricing, how they are with kids or pets, if they’ve ever done a family session before, etc. Remember this is an investment of life long memories, so make sure you are going to feel comfortable with whoever is behind the lens.

Remember to book a photographer who you truly value for their work and their heart for photography. Every photographer has a different eye and that is the best part.

shout out to these lovely clients of mine! bring on the family sessions in 2019!

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