2019, You’ve Taught Me a lot So Far

I saw this quote while scrolling Pinterest and it felt like the words I’ve been aching for. { if you don’t follow me on Pinterest already, come hang out! }

I’ve never been one for resolutions. I don’t think I’ve ever made a new year’s resolution during my twenty-three years of life. {to be honest, deciding what to give up during lent is hard enough.}  I want to be more intentional mentally, physically, and emotionally. Something more than going to the gym and eating healthy.

In 2019, I refuse to let my fears get in the way. I will admit that my biggest fear is letting people down. Not being there when people need me the most. I allow myself to feel guilty when it feels like I’m not meeting others expectations.

2019 is only getting better from here, so here are my affirmations!

“No” is a complete sentence.

If it’s not an “absolutely” then it should be a “no”. {of course there are exceptions, but you get the point.} There doesn’t need to be an explanation or “sorry” followed after it. This comes along with my fear of letting people down, and being raised in a family of people pleasers. {it’s a blessing and a curse!}

You deserve to be chosen.

By your friends. By your family. By your loved ones. I have met the most encouraging, kind, and faith-driven people in 2018. Honestly, I’ve never been surrounded by more people who are positively affecting my life. With that, I’m reminded of the times where I just went through the motions in life. Giving people time they didn’t deserve, or walking away from time that could’ve been well spent. Regardless of the past, from now on we all deserve to be chosen.

Invest in Yourself.

I need to get better at this. If I had to pick one affirmation that I need to fully submit to, this is it. And I know that if I learn how to invest in myself, it will absolutely benefit every aspect of my life. If you know me personally, you know I’m a two on the Enneagram. I would rather do things for others rather than do something for myself. My biggest fear is for someone to ask me “Lauren, what do you need?” I would rather push my problems under the rug so that I can put all my energy into being there for you. I’ve learned that the more I do this, the closer I get to being burnt out. In 2019, I am trying to find a balance between serving others and serving myself.

Be more intentional with my actions.

This simple affirmation covers a bunch of bases for me. My attention span is not one of my best qualities. My brain is going a thousand miles a minute, so often I find myself jumping from project to project. Too many times I find myself watching Netflix and still scrolling on my phone. Or rudely scrolling Instagram or Facebook when I should be investing in meaningful conversation.

To get better at being more intentional with my actions I’m going to:

  • Trade watching Netflix before bed for reading a chapter of a book each night.
  • Start each morning by reading my devotional and bible before picking up my phone or checking emails.
  • Choose between scrolling Instagram, Facebook, or watching television.
  • Focus on meaningful conversations rather than keeping up with people’s lives via social media.
  • Check up on one person each week whether it’s a short text message or phone call.

This whole “new year’s resolutions” thing is going to be a struggle especially because I’m way late to the game. I want to hear affirmations that you have set for yourself! If you need an accountability partner, count me in!

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