You can call me, Lauren.

I’m way more than just a photographer.

I’m a feeler of all things, encourager to the strong and weak, and lover of stories. In fifth grade, I saved all my money to buy a Kodak digital camera. It went everywhere with me; family vacations to Michigan, beach days, volleyball tournaments, and most importantly, captured the worst selfies before selfies were a thing.

I didn’t know being a photographer was on my radar until the only thing missing was a quality camera. For me, it’s more than just photos. I’ve always wanted to stop the sweetest moments that mean the most to me. I want to do the exact same for you.

You are more than just a client. Photos are way more than just clicking the shutter button. I want to capture your love, excitement, and most importantly, you.

I’m the right photographer for you if you cherish emotions over stiff poses, if you laugh too much and feel all the things, if chick-fil-a feels like a well balanced meal, if you like the in-between moments and simple glances between loved ones, and if you want a photographer who doubles as a supportive friend who makes you laugh in the chaos.

I want you to trust me with your vision and the ability to capture it better than you can imagine.

Does it sound like a plan? you know the next step is, shoot me an email!